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1- The Application

As of March 1st, 2010, U.S. Embassy Ouagadougou will require the completion of the DS-160 visa application form online prior to the visa interview.
The DS-160 visa application form replaces all previous forms and is required for all non-immigrant visa applicants.  Each visa applicant must fill out his or her own DS-160, even small children who may be included in a parent’s passport.

The DS-160 consists of several questions about your purpose of travel and your biographic information.  It should be completed in its entirety.  Significant errors or information marked “n/a” may result in your application’s rejection at the time of your interview.  If the application is rejected, you will need to go back and correct the information before coming back for your interview. Please go to "
How to make changes on an existing DS-160" in the menu to read more on how to change/correct information on a partially filled DS-160.

The DS-160 normally required a digital photo. The photo should be of the applicant’s full head, facing forward, on a white background.  The face should be unobstructed.  Blurry or distorted photos will not be accepted. However, recurrent difficulties in uploading photographs have led to the suspension of this feature. Please bring with you a photograph with the specifications above on the day of your visa interview.

After following the link below to the DS-160, select French (or any other language you would like to use) in the upper right corner of the screen.  You will be able to display a French translation of the English text in the online form by placing your cursor over the English text.  Please
note that the English text will still appear in the online application—the cursor must hover over the English text in order to see the French translation.

Select “Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou” as the location at which you will apply for the visa.  Then select whether you would like to begin a new application or load an existing application.

While completing the form, please be aware that the application will “time out” after 20 minutes. New updates to the DS-160 will now allow you to recover your application if you loose connection or have a system error. You will need to enter the application ID and provide identification information.

When you have finished filling out your online application form, you must print the confirmation page.

The confirmation number on the confirmation page will be necessary to schedule an interview.

You must bring your clearly printed confirmation with you to the Embassy on the day of the visa interview.

You are ultimately responsible for the information that you provide in your online form.  Accuracy is of paramount importance.  Discrepancies between the information provided online and your answers during the visa interview could negatively impact the consular officer’s assessment of your eligibility for the visa.

Please also note: The biographic information you provide must match the
information in the passport that you will present the day of your application. Please pay careful attention to detail when completing the form. If upon arrival at the Embassy it is discovered that the information you have provided is incorrect or does not match the information in your passport, you will be asked to go back, retrieve your previously filled DS-160 and make the necessary corrections before you come back for your interview.

Once you have read the information above, please visit the Consular Electronic Application Center site to fill the form DS-160 visa application form.

Do you still have questions about the visa form?  Please check our list of frequently asked questions.

Have you completed your application and printed the confirmation page?  Then continue to
Step 2: Schedule an Appointment.